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Be cautious while on the road!
Our Auto Insurance provides a wide range of coverage and flexiplan that caters specially for you.


The cost of medical treatment is on the rise!
Hence, our Medical Insurance is of importance to your overall well-being be it for yourself or for your family members.


Life is priceless so protect yourself and your family members!
We have wide range of Accident Insurance coverage that customized specially to suit your needs.


Home is our precious asset!
By insuring your beloved home; you will be protected in the event of home fire or any catastrophe risks. Our Home Insurance will always be there to protect it.



An umbrella to protect your financial loss!
No matter how well prepared you are, every business is vulnerable to physical damage that could result in costly interruptions to daily operations which leaded to losses. Our Property Insurance will be the answer to all your unexpected circumstances.


We provide a wide range of Engineering Insurance to protect against any kind of engineering-related risks.


Your liabilities will never be your burden anymore!
Tailoring from general to a comprehensive coverage; you will be protected against lawsuits resulting from negligence or duty of care.


We offer solutions to protect your cargo whilst on the conveyance via land, sea or air along with hull coverages on ship or plane!
With our specialized team and strong reinsurance panels, you can entrust us to ease your mind on all your risk concerns.


With us we guarantee you to have peace in mind as we always CARE!
Committed to provide top-notch services, and offering a One-Stop Service Desk. We have a wide range of insurance products that are tailor-made to suit every customers’ needs and to protect your treasured resources.